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Suits for All Occasions from Proms & Weddings to Business & Casual

At McNeil & Reedy, we carry a complete line of comfortable men’s suits designed to fit you and your special occasion. Need a rental suit for the prom? Prefer to buy your wedding suit rather than rent? We’ve got the right options for you. Let us know your preference and we’ll work with you to find something that fits.

Designer Suits at Affordable Prices  by Michael Kors, Stephen Geoffrey, Jean Yves and Tony Bowls

We’ve got a number of finely tailored styles and colors to reflect the mood of your event or wedding.  From slim fit suits, lightweight casual linen suits to classic three piece business suits, you’ll find something that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Suits for Big & Tall & Very Small

Looking to fit a guy that has a hard time finding his size? We feature contemporary suit styles, each with a flattering silhouette, to complement the gentlemen in your party – including big and tall sizes as well as suits and tuxedos for the little guys.

Rent or Buy –  What’s Right for Me?

The decision to rent or buy a suit depends primarily on the number of occasions you’ll wear the suit over the next couple of years. If you wear a suit once in a blue moon, it may make sense to rent. This way, the next time you need a suit you can rent again knowing you’ve always wearing the latest style. If you wear a suit at least two or three times per year, it makes sense to purchase. You’ll save money versus renting and it will stay in style for the next couple of years. When in doubt, we recommend buying. You’ll be surprised that once you have it in your closet, you’ll find reasons to wear it more often than you expected. And best of all, you’ll always feel good dressing up just a little bit more than usual.

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It’s Prom & Wedding SEASON!
Selecting your tux for the upcoming Prom & Wedding season is easy at McNeil & Reedy. Come in and browse our store for a wide variety of styles and colors or check us out online and bring us your favorite choices. We’ll measure you and fit you perfectly. After all, it’s our job to make you look great!


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McNeil & Reedy Gift Cards Make the Perfect Gift!Getting the perfect fit takes just minutes. Stop in and we’ll measure you head to toe so you’ll look like a million bucks!


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